The Veterinary Secret

It can be a real strain on the budget when your beloved pet gets sick. Going to the veterinarian can cost you a lot and at some point you could have asked yourself if there is another way. The truth is, you need not go see a veterinarian each time you notice that your pet dog is not feeling well. Knowing the veterinary secret in keeping your dog healthy and addressing less serious problems is the key.

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Dr. Andrew Jones shares his expertise in helping you examine, diagnose, and treat your pet canine at home through spilling some veterinary secrets. Through years of experience, he has learned that conventional veterinary medicine can bring more harm to your pet than good. He explains that regular veterinary care has lost its effectiveness over the years. To counter this, he has come up with tips on how to administer proper care for your pet dog at home, giving you the key to the veterinary secret.

Dr. Jones’ veterinary secrets also reveal mistakes that most pet owners have in giving proper care to their beloved canines. He identifies 3 common mistakes: vaccines given each year, diet, and conventional medication. He found out that the wrong mix of vaccines, all-in-one or complete veterinary food, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications carry risks that are lethal to dogs. His book gives insights on what you can do at home to save the life of your beloved canine.

Information included in his book is not only limited to the veterinary secret that has been kept for years. It also gives readers more knowledge on diseases and illnesses like cancer, ailments such as back spasms and arthritis, and aggression and other behavior problems.

The best part is, you will not need a degree in human or animal medicine, a dictionary of medical terminology, and an ability to transform into one of the doctors in the emergency room to understand the veterinary secret that Dr. Andrew Jones shares in his book. All you need is the willingness to care for and comfort your injured and sick pet.